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Proper outdoor clothing!!

Please note that our playground and field are very wet and muddy!!

It is a school requirement that ALL students have a weather appropriate coat, mitts, tuque, and boots!! Division 1 students also need rain or snow pants. If you wish to send your Div 2 student with splash pants- we will have them wear them! In this weather, it is also important that students have a change of clothes in their locker in case they need to change...... 

Although it is warming up..... it is still -6 with the windchill today- and we had several students without coats...... even more with runners on.

Please ensure that they have the proper clothing- required by the school- if it is warm enough- we do allow them to unzip coats but they must have their mitts, and tuque in their pockets-- and boots are an absolute must!!

Thank you for understanding, and ensuring your child has the proper clothing here at school.